Roller Skating: A Fun Way To Exercise

When most people hear of exercise, images of dull, sore, and all-consuming practices crop up. Generally speaking, exercise takes any form of physical activity with the objective of health and fitness. It may be active like running and swimming, or a bit subtle like walking.

However, a large portion of the global population is wary of various workout routines, making exercise unpopular in most households. There are viable alternatives if you are not a ‘gym body’ for whatever reason. The colloquial term ‘fit-and-fun’ is no longer an intangible concept. If you maintain an open mind, it is possible to come up with infinite creative possibilities to exercise, such as roller skating.

What Is Roller Skating?

Roller skating has been around for decades, and it is now stealthily making a full comeback into the health arena. It is the perfect excuse to have fun by yourself or with family and friends while you subliminally work out. The only requirements are well-fitted roller skate sets and a little prerequisite skill, and you are good to go. Depending on personal preference, skating can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.

Health Benefits Of Roller Skating

  1. Full body workout

Each skating session is an aerobic exercise that has cardiovascular benefits. It strengthens the heart and improves its strength and endurance.

Furthermore, roller skating improves your general motor skills. While on roller skates, you work to maintain perfect balance to avoid tumbling to the ground. As you propel yourself forward, you derive equilibrium from your arms, legs, and core, which upgrades your coordination skill set.

  1. Weight loss

Roller skating is one of the few methods where you lose weight in a fun way. Picture yourself gliding swiftly through the park. I’m pretty sure the image sits better in relation to diets, pills, and intense workout regiments. An hour skating will burn up to 600 calories depending on your routine and pace.

  1. Physiotherapy 

Skating is somewhat gentler compared to other forms of exercise. It has a minimal impact on injured and damaged joints, unlike running or jogging. Therefore, it is currently utilized as a rehab exercise for injured patients like runners. It is presently commonplace for doctors and physiotherapists to recommend roller skating to restore joint strength and repair muscle fiber, thus improving overall mobility.

  1. Cost-effective

Roller skating is less costly in the long run compared to other alternatives. For instance, someone has to subscribe as a member to enjoy the services of a gym. This is an expensive endeavor as you have to continually renew your membership, which is seldom cheap. However, with roller-skating, you only require an initial investment to purchase a functional pair of roller skates (and maybe a few lessons to build your skill).


Kick away the boring traditional routines and embrace roller skating for a much fulfilling experience. Order your roller skate set from a reputable company like Riedell Skates. Just incorporate your workout regimen into your skating sessions, glide by, and watch your health transformation.

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