The Ultimate Fall Guys Cheats You Should Remember

We can all agree that multiplayer games are highly popular and exciting for all ages and generations.

Besides, if you combine battle royale with the ability to play with people from all across the globe, you will get Fall Guys are both friendly and funny games that will provide you with enjoyment along the way.

It is based on TV series such as Total Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle, in which you will have to survive long enough by winning mini-games and navigate obstacles to reach next and more challenging levels.

As soon as you start playing, you and the other sixty players will start with you. At the same time, a single player will be eliminated at each round, which means that only two survivors will fight for the winner.

You should check out fall guys hacks to learn how to pass each level with ease. As soon as you win the award crowns, which is the form of the game’s currency, you will be able to trade them for rare and ultra-rare emotes, items to improve your visual appearance.

Another form of in-game currency is Kudos that you can swap for costumes and other items that you can find inside the game. The more you play and the more you win, the more Kudos you will receive, which is an important fact you need to remember.

Finally, you will receive experience points, which will provide you an ability to obtain different skins and items while you are leveling up.

Keep in mind that everything functions based on seasons, which means that as soon as the single-season is over, you will be able to find different awards and items.

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Is It Safe?

The best thing about this particular game is its suitability for all ages and generations. Since it comes with PEGI3 rating and it does not feature in-game communication, you will be able to reduce the human factor along the way.

Of course, if you arean experienced player, you will be able to communicate with others by using PS4 Party chat, but for children, you will be able to create a safe environment without in-game problems that are toxic for your young ones.

Generally, this particular game is not about being too competitive, but to have fun with others. Therefore, even if you fail to qualify, you will be able to start the new round in a matter of seconds.

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Tips and Tricks

You should have in mind that this particular game is available for PC through Steam and PS4, which areessential factors you should memorize. However, you can expect the versions for Xbox 1, Nintendo Switch, and even for Android and iOS, but these ideas are not official yet.

We can differentiate four categories of levels in Fall Guys, including survival, race, team, and final. At the same time, you can pass 24 levels on the first day, while we can expect the new patches and additions soon enough.

Stay with us to learn tips on how to qualify for each level and win it along the way:


  • Dizzy Heights – This is a race level that features spinning platforms that are leaping one to another. The best thing that you can do at this particular level is to leap before the bumper, which will allow you to pass to the next level without any additional problem.
  • Door Dash – The idea is to bash through the doors, but you have to determine which ones are fake and which ones are real. For instance, if you bash through the fake one, you will bounce and lose a grip. It is crucial to avoid blindly running and try to be in the back, waiting for people that are blindly going to make mistakes. At the same time, avoid jumping throughout the doors, and instead, you should dive. That way, you will not be bashed by other players, and it is much more likely for you to pass it.
  • Fruit Chute – Similarlyto other race games, you will be able to pass it with ease. The idea is to avoid the large fruit that will cascade from the mountain. The best way to do it is to stay in the middle and jump as soon as you notice a rolling log that goes in your way. That way, you will be able to pass the level and continue.


  • Block Party – When it comes to survival, this is a highly simple and straightforward game in which you have to avoid blocks that are coming your way. In case they touch you, they will eliminate you, which is why you should try to run and stay away from them until the very end. The best way to do it is to maintain the middle ground and move based on your necessities. However, as soon as you do it, you should return to the central position so that you can go to the sides when you need to. Keep in mind that for some block formations, you will have to jump to pass them, which is an important trick that will help you pass the level.

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  • Jump Club – This particular form is highly straightforward because you will start on a giant disc and have two bars that will rotate around it. If they catch you up, you will be knocked down, which is vital to avoid. The best way to reduce the chances of losing is to stay at the place where you began and jump over the fast bars when they reach you. There are no reasons to complicate things by moving around, which is an important thing you should understand beforehand.
  • Perfect Match – This is a memory game, in which each fruit in a tile will flash up the screen around you. The idea is to make sure to reach the right tile before time runs out. At each round, you will have to pass more fruits, which is why you should turn on your brain and enjoy it.

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