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We all are addicted to the world of games. Isn’t it?  Whether it is kids or youngster all love to play games. Nowadays we thank the innovative technology who came. They literally made our life very easy. What so ever field we see. From train reservation to flight reservation. From playing online games to banking system etc. Everything is dependent on technology. So keeping all this point in mind. Today in this article I will be discussing the lol boasting. which is played online. Which website provides you this game and much more. Let have a look at it. Not only this you can also look atvarious steps.

What is elo boosting?

There is a huge misconception among people about it. Elo boosting is actually a way of playing a game which is a chess game. In this people think that you have to pay someone’s to play this game. But this is totally a misconception. You don’t have to do all this. You just have to make your own account to play this. In this, it is also possible to play with some others account.  You can agree that if you know the user name and password of someone’s you can easily play for it. The best in this is that you have to make sure that anyone can hack your account if your password and user name is not strong enough. Here you have to pay only in that case if you want to carry you out of bronze and want to enter in diamond phase.

League of legends boosting

Type of account used

If you are planning to play this game then one thing you should keep in mind that this is an online game. This game will give you money from it. So for this, you have to give one bank account with the help of which you can transfer money. So for that,you have to create a PayPal account and have to link it with elo boosting. You also need to reach this website https://eloboosta.com/.

How it works

This game will give you the opportunity to rank from top to bottom. In short, we can say that this is a ranking game. You can play this game with full support. This game is 100% safe and secure. The only one thing you have to keep in mind is that the user name and password should be strong enough.


Whether it is an online game in spite of it you should avoid playing these games. This game is actually a type of addiction to which one can indulge easily. If you feel like playing this then set a limit to play it. Never ever get addicted to such games.

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