How to know if a particular site is safe to use

While browsing online you will find a million of sites for one particular thing, for instance take that you are looking for an online book pdf for your college, now there would be so many different websites that will pop up when you search about that particular books pdf, so how will you know if it’s a right site or not? If you didn’t understand by this let’s take another very common example which I know everyone has experienced, now we know that everything has become online, so obviously shopping too has become online but there are so many sites where you can buy clothes, does that mean that you trust all the sites that offer clothes? No, right, there are only a select few sites which are trusted by everyone and the reason for that is because they are verified businesses and not some scam which will take away your money, these sites can also be known as 메이저사이트, as in major site that are trusted worldwide.

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How to check if your browsed site is secure.

Here are some very simple and easy ways by which you can understand if the site is genuine or not, so that before they scam you, you can just back out of it.

  • The first thing that you will notice is that all verified and secure sites start with HTTPS, also make sure to check their SSL certificate. The reason why you should check out for https is because, if it’s present then there’s a hundred percent guarantee that it is not encrypted and it also adds certain defense against cyber malpractice.
  • Always make sure to double check their security domain, you can do this by simply browsing about them on Google and then connecting with their original domain from there.
  • Search if they have any privacy policies or not, because usually all secure sites have certain privacy policy which lets the users know how the site collects, shares and stores data. You should always check this before handing away your personal information.
  • Try to analyze the websites design, as if it is a fake site it won’t usually have any creativity in it or any effects as such, it would just be a simply put together site which would have required no amount of time and then for the last step just verify their ownership.

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