Explore Your Options for the best PS4 Controller

It is certain, the controller is one of the key elements of a console. It must not only be functional, but also comfortable enough that any gamer than, as hard as it is, being able to give free rein to his passion without having to suffer cramps and other genes.

It can also happen (not in everyone, thankfully) that the excitement is such that the controller ends up experiencing a sad fate, much to the dismay of its owner. He must then decide to buy a new controller.There are, of course, other controllers than the one provided with your PlayStation 4 console and your choice, well, look only at you.Nevertheless, there are several points to consider before buying your new controller. You can now click here to view the best choices that you can make for the same.

The use

It’s important to know first: Do you really need another controller? Are you more of a casual player?

If you have a habit of playing, for hours on games that require both accuracy and responsiveness, you better turn in this case to a model other than the original, supplied with your console. Autonomy, ergonomics and features will then be your new watchwords for your future acquisition.

For casual players, the question is much less crucial than for their compatriots, but it is nonetheless interesting, especially when it comes to young players.

PS4 Controller

Weight and size

1. As a rule, the current levers are light, turning around 200 grams. We are far from the PS 4 controller, which was quite heavy.

2. It should also be noted that for younger, some controllers can be a little “heavy” and large, so do not hesitate to invest at a lower cost, in a controller that they can explode on the ground without much remorse, as the PS4 Controller.

3. This is the point to take especially into account, especially if you do not count his hours of play.

4. A controller is not the other, it may not be suitable for everyone, even if all are made of solid plastic.

The sticks

There are two cases, for the positioning of the sticks: either symmetrical (basic) or asymmetrical.The first is the typical configuration of the controllers of the PlayStation 4, namely the Dualshock. The sticks are on the lower part of the joystick, vis-a-vis, while the directional cross, for its part, is found on the upper left side.

Those, for example, who have already played Xbox controllers, generally prefer to use models of the second type. The sticks are in fact well positioned, with a left stick instead of the directional cross, which changes its place.


Everything is, again, a matter of preference, but as a rule, prefer a joystick whose buttons are easily accessible. The goal is not to give you cramps.

In addition, they must be flexible enough and do not make this noise unbearable “click click” that can be blamed on the buttons of the controllers of old consoles.


The joysticks include, at least, 2 triggers. They must be resilient and flexible: they are often the most solicited by players, but are rarely, especially in the lower ranges, designed to last (or at least be used as much).

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