The Guaranteed Take On Sports Betting

Sports betting are of two types, legal and illegal.

Legal sports betting include betting on horse races or betting on dog races is legal at Illegal sports betting includes betting on many sports like cricket, volleyball, baseball, football, basketball etc. Essentially, these sports betting are done in:

  • Straight bets
  • Money line bets
  • Parlay bets
  • Head-to-head bets

Straight Bets:

Straight bets are the type of sports bets that are placed on a single game. Generally, straight bets are placed on the games that have a point spread, puck line, game total, money line. Usually, what exactly happens in straight bets is that a standard score is assumed and the bets are placed whether the total score will be over the standard score or below the standard score.

Money Line Bets:

These sports bets are placed on both the teams that are playing against each other that particular day. While placing the bets, the previous records of both the teams are considered. The team which has better stats than the other team will be profitable. For example, let us consider two teams A and B. After analyzing the stats team B has a net statistic of +130 while, team A on the other hand has a net statistic of -150.

sports betting

Parlay Bets:

In this type of sports betting, multiple bets are placed simultaneously on matches that are hosted simultaneously. All these bets are placed on a single piece of paper called card. In order to win the parlay bets, the person has to win all the matches on the card. By placing multiple small bets at a time, the money turnout will be huge and if a loss occurs, the losses will be minimum. The one exception in this type of bets is called the “push”.

Head-to-Head Bets:

Head-to-head betting at is a type of sports betting where the person who is betting has to wager back a player or lay out a player for a particular number of outs. The formula which is used for calculating the payout for a particular back bet on a head to head market is as follows:

Stake x odds = return

For example, let us consider a table tennis match between two famous players A and B. the person who wishes to bet, places a stake of 100 bucks with a stake ratio of 7 on player A. that means, if player A wins the match, then the payout will be 700 bucks. If the opposite situation occurs, then the original stake of 100 bucks will be lost. There is a certain percentage of commission which has to be paid even if the bet is won or lost.

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