Seven Trampoline Safety Tips for Your Budding Trampolinists

One of the best items for child play is trampoline. Kids simply love it. No child does not enjoy the play in the trampoline. Learn more about this here.

Letting your child play in it is great. However, you need to know that aside from the joy, there are some issues you need to mind. Playing on it can be dangerous and there are numerous cases in which kids got hurt while playing.

In this article, we’ll tell you what must be done to avoid injury. There are particular issues that you need to know if you want to protect your children. Read on and find out what they are.

1. Have only one child at a time inside

There’s a reason why experts suggest not to let more children inside. It doesn’t matter if they are siblings or not. The reason for this is that it is dangerous.

When kids jump, they lose control over their bodies. Chances to hit each other are high. If they manage to hit each other with their heads, this can cause a serious injury. You don’t want this to happen.

2. Don’t let them bounce off the walls

All trampolines have their safety nets. They are installed for the safety of the persons inside. However, these nets are not magical and they can get destroyed if there’s too much pressure on them.

Kids are not usually capable of destroying them, but if they lean on them too much, the net can break and the child will fall off the trampoline risking serious injury.

3. Do regular maintenance

It’s crucial to do regular maintenance. All trampolines are made by attaching the pad with strings to the core steel frame. These strings and hooks can be a serious danger for the child. See how they are made here:

Usually, there’s a safety pad over these items. The safety can often be detached. You need to do regular maintenance to see if it is over them. Also, the strings and hooks can be taken off by the jumping and this might cause an additional problem. As an adult, you’re responsible for checking these things.

4. Remove any hard and sharp objects from children

Anything else aside from the clothes that children wear should be left outside the trampoline. Necklaces, rings, toys, anything else for that matter should stay outside.

The reason is that these objects can harm the person inside. If they are sharp, the injury can even be fatal.

5. Install it on leveled ground

One of the basics for having a secured and safe trampoline is to make sure it is installed and leveled perfectly.

If it isn’t, over time it might completely fall apart. Even if this doesn’t happen, the kids jumping inside can lose control and fall off it.

6. Check for objects under the trampoline

More often than not, kids place some of their toys under the trampoline. When they are not inside, they love playing around it. Bikes, bags, or other things that are under it can seriously harm anyone jumping inside.

7. Respect the age limitations

You’ll notice that every item you buy has a particular age limit. For example, the trampolines made for adults should be used for kids’ play. At the same time, those made for children, shouldn’t be used for adults. In the second case safety might not be an issue, but the capacity of the object definitely is.

That’s why you should always respect the age limitations written on the cover. The manufacturer calculated how much the trampoline can hold and more than this number will be considered a threat both to the item and for the child.


There are lots of other points that point out the kids’ trampoline safety and you must respect them. These seven are the crucial ones that everyone must be aware of.

If you want your children to have the time of their lives, you need to get them one of these toys. Some might argue that this is more than a toy, and they’d be right when they realize the possibilities it offers. Knowing this, it’s clear why so much awareness is also needed. The trampoline is fun and dangerous at the same time.

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