Goal explains how to trade coins in FIFA 20, helping you make coins in Ultimate Team in order to build your perfect team. Cristiano Ronaldo for € 100 million, Neymar for € 222 million. Alisson for € 62.5 million. Transfers in real life have become very expensive.

Fortunately, it is much cheaper to buy players in FIFA 20, but building your final team can still cause you to lose a lot of coins in play. Many FIFA players win most of their coins by playing matches, winning championships and participating in weekend championships, group battles and daily knockout tournaments. However, there are also other ways to make money, including trading, sniping, investing and playing in the market.

It all sounds pretty complicated, but it’s actually not that difficult and will reward you for the time you spent there.

Goal explains how to trade coins in FIFA 20 coins, helping you make coins in Ultimate Team in order to build your perfect team:


There is no better feeling in the final FIFA team than removing a superstar player from a group. After putting your hard earned coins, the package opens and reveals a walkout animation. “@@” Please be Ronaldo, be Ronaldo. @@ It’s very, very rarely Ronaldo, but it provides a buzz that is only equivalent to winning the league in Seasons online.

Instead of Ronaldo, you usually open a pack where the best player is Jordan Henderson, and therefore the money spent on the pack will never find its way back into your coin balance – as the content is worth a lot less than you paid for them.

But it is not impossible to earn money with packages. In fact, it’s pretty easy as long as you have time and patience: the Bronze Package method is to buy the cheapest package available – the bronze package of 400 pieces – and then sell it all. If you get even one good item, you will make a profit, but most content can be listed and re-recorded until sold.


What do you want ? Rare gold striker. When do you want it? Now !

FIFA players have this mentality when adding new players to their team, which is why they will use the Buy Now option (BIN) rather than bidding on the auction and waiting to see if their offer is accepted.

Using the BIN option also avoids going into a bidding war with other players, where you end up overpaying for a player just because you’ve been invested and too stubborn to switch to a different version of the same player.

If you are patient and ready to wait for the auction to end, you can usually get players for amounts lower than their regular BIN amounts. There is usually a good difference between the normal auction price and the BIN amount, which means that you can buy players for a price lower than their BIN, put them back on the list or just below that amount and watch the profits pour in.

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