Resident Evil 2: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

You enjoyed the Resident Evil movie franchise, which made you think how to survive and escape the zombie apocalypse. You can get an idea by indulging in resident evil 2 mobile. In this mobile game, you only have one goal – to stay alive in Raccoon City. The mobile game is developed and published by Capcom.

In 2002, Capcom expressed its interest in creating Resident Evil 2. However, it was only in 2015 that the remake started. Resident Evil 2 was finally released worldwide in 2019 for PlayStation, Xbox, and Window. Since it received a lot of good feedback from different players, it was decided to release resident evil 2 ios and resident evil 2 android.

Before you get started, you should understand resident evil 2 android gameplay. Fortunately, there is more information online. This will help you overcome the zombie apocalypse and escape Raccoon City. Aside from killing zombies, there are many puzzles found around that can help you survive.

You can consider resident evil 2 apk at the onset because it will give you the chance to play an impressive production that contains all the features necessary to survive the game. Aside from resident evil 2 apk download, you have to understand intricacies so you can play better.


You can start with the following tips to survive and get better at resident evil 2 on phone: 

Understand the map

Right after the resident evil 2 mobile download and installation, the game will take you to the police station. In the station, you will see many closed doors, mysterious mechanisms, and shutters. Backtracking may sound tedious at the start but it is the key to understanding the location.

You have map access through the menu. If you are lost, you can search for all the zones. Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that the game will mark all the doors that you tried to open.

Optimise your inventory

You start your mobile resident evil 2 game with very limited things inside your bag. With this, you have to be mindful around so you do not miss objects that might be useful in the future. If your weapons run out of ammunition, it is crucial that you leave it in the storage chamber so you can return to take it later.

You should do the same with healing items. If you do not need it immediately, it is wise to leave them in stock. In this remake, one of the most important features is the automatic key notification system. This means that if the key has fulfilled its function, you can immediately eliminate it.

Utilise wooden boards

In android resident evil 2, it is clear that wooden boards spread around the floor are useful. However, many players ignore boards because it is not the most profitable for the inventory slot plus it cannot be applied immediately.

You must know that the boards will help avoid different problems in the future. The ideal places to utilise wooden boards include holes in the West Corridor and windows close to the Dark Room.

Avoid zombies

As soon as resident evil 2 download and installation, you should aim to avoid the zombies. This may sound counterproductive to you but it is always better to avoid colliding or interacting with opponents.

You have to remember that local zombies mostly withstand ammunition clip shots between the eyes. You can take a shot but it will take too much ammunition. You should always strive to save ammunition because of the scarce resources. If the zombies prevent you from moving, then you have to do your best to eliminate them.

Forget about Tyrant

Sometimes it is tempting to tackle Tyrant alone but this is a waste of time. Keep in mind that Tyrant is almost immortal so tackling him alone is absolutely futile. When taking damage, he slows down but it is easier and more profitable to just avoid or run away from a direct collision. You should also try to hide in one of the safe rooms.

Avoid using the plants one by one

More importantly, you should try to utilise plants wisely. You can combine several types of plants to increase the amount of restored health as well as additional effects. For instance, green ones fill HP while Blues deny poisoning. The Reds, on the other hand, can be used to enhance other bonuses.

Final words

The resident evil 2 for android is not easy because the zombies are harder to take down not to mention the resources scarce. However, with practice and some tools, you can easily conquer both Leon and Claire’s stories. In the end, you will surely strike the heart of the Umbrella Corporation.

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