Let’s Play – Digital Gaming

Digital Gaming or online gaming has come of age. Not necessarily an old practice but still, within reach of children has this now become! This was till 10 years back that children had begun game consoles. Now, online gaming has taken the world over.

How this works?

The operation is through Internet network and can be played on Computer, Consoles and mobile devices. This is controlled by servers.

The gaming culture dates back to the era of Olympic Games. They were not played digitally but manually.

The digital gaming has many forms like Puzzles, Action oriented, Sports, Card games, Flash and Adventure Gaming.

Online gaming incorporates complex graphics and works of high creative level. Virtual gaming is touted to render a great deal of entertainment and because of this; it is popular among children and young lot.

Dragon City Hack

Forms of digital games

The forms of games are,

  • HTML games,
  • Tablet games
  • iPhone games
  • Android games
  • Windows games

Some really popular games are, Call of Duty, Dragon City Hack, Paper Bird, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, and League of legends.

Positive aspects

Digital gaming is a good source to bust stress and cut time. This has some more benefits as this encourages teamwork and some very important skills.

Further, this improves multitasking, decision – taking, and helps to fight depression and boredom. This results in better social interaction and bonding.


Some pitfalls of playing online games are the hidden identity of most of the players. Most of the social networking sites are unaware of the fact that the two people communicating with each other would be at some point might go on to accuse or harass the another for no reason. So, this usually results in mental harassment.

  • One more drawback is giving out personal information which may pose as a hazard for the security of the player.
  • Moreover, while downloading the game, virus or a spyware may enter the system and make it run down.
  • This has been a common problem and needs a check.
  • Penalties because of pirated versions of games can cause blocking from the website. And, further, illegal hacks or downloads takes the player straight to prison.
  • The most hazardous disadvantage is, addiction which is a serious medical condition these days. Adding cyberbullying and Xenophobia.
  • Some games are inappropriate for children due to vulgar messages and high temp violence.
  • So, it is advisable that healthy gaming be encouraged.

Measures to ensure safety

Some positive measures can be taken like looking upon the safety settings where the limits can be arranged.

The types of games should also be taken care of. Importance of communicating with outside world should be taught. They should be made aware about the rules and regulations of social networking and the internet.


Thus, a balanced time management should be taught as they should not forget their homework and school. They should also, play outside with friends and learn good family values. They should also, learn to sleep on time.

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