Is the PlayStation Plus Worth Subscribing To?

If you recently paid attention to video games, then you probably heard about the PS Plus subscriptions. If you have not, it definitely needs to be studied. PlayStation Plus is next premium service for the PlayStation Network. This is a paid service worthper year, so you may be wondering if it’s worth subscribing. The answer to this is personal preference, but below it will explain what it offers and why it might be a good idea to subscribe.

Reasons to subscribe

PlayStation Plus offers many different functions. Probably the best feature of this system: you can try full video games for free. Most likely, you’ll be allowed to play a full-featured game for an hour, including story mode and multiuser aspect. In addition to the full tests of the game, you will also receive exclusive beta access to video games. Beta access generally allows you to play multiplayer games online before it is released.

PS Plus Subscriptions

Another great feature of PlayStation Plus:

PlayStation Store discounts. Although it is not clear what will be discounted, you are likely to see full games and downloadable content at discounted prices. You will also receive free games every month, but they will only continue while you are subscribed. Once your subscription ends, the free games you have received will disappear.

There are also more PlayStation Plus features that will be announced in the future. In addition, PS said they will continue to add additional features to this service, so it is definitely monthly. Due to the amount of content you get by subscribing to this, you definitely get more than you pay for.


If you recently paid attention to their conference, then you probably know about the PlayStation Plus. PlayStation Plus is an exclusive online service from PS plus. However, with a price of $ 50 per year, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it. The answer is inside you, but keep in mind that you get more content than you pay for.

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